Christine Kennedy

Hi, my name is Christine

I could give you the official bio, and if you want it, check out my profile on LinkedIn.  But here's the real me. 

About me photo

I'm a doer.  A "Type A."  

I have to watch my tendency to seek the approval of others over God..

I'm a wife who must constantly pray against trying to be my husband's Holy Spirit!

I'm a woman who seeks God's best and my passion is helping others do the same through my coaching practice. 

I'm a lover of animals, great food and being outside in nature.  

I struggle to surrender daily to His plans and I'm going hard after rest and fellowship with HIM, in the midst of a hectic schedule.'m a blogger.  

Sanctuary is where I'll share my stories and teachings, in hopes that you may find encouragement and, at times, challenge to pursue God's best for your life.  

Huck Finn....our sweet boy!

Huck Finn....our sweet boy!

I grew up training horses on a local farm and was always rescuing kitties, frogs, and basically anything that would let me catch it!  

The newest edition to the Kennedy household was Finn.  He's Mr. Troublemaker but also sooo sweet!